Mini PCIE SSD Reviews

Mini PCIE SSD with Hand

Why SSDs need PCI-E interface?

Nowdays the most common interface for SSDs and winchesters are Serial ATA (SATA), which is replaced the IDE (PATA) about a deacade ago.

SATA3 offers data speeds of approx 600 MB/s, what is faster than any 7200 RPM hard drive can read or write.

But SSDs can go faster, and pushing up against that limit!

However the truth is SSDs is getting too fast for SATA.

Here is the best SSDs for different computers

Mini PCie SSD For notebooks:
A lot of netbook or notebook use mini pci-e ssds we collected the best one based on reviews for the most popular models:

Dell Mini 9

64GB RunCore Pro IV Light 50mm Mini PCI-e PATA SSD

KingSpec PATA-Mini PCIe MLC SSD 128GB / 64GB For Dell Mini 9/910

KingSpec PATA-Mini PCIe MLC SSD 32GB For Dell Mini 9/910

Dell Vostro

Due to there are many types of Dell vostro existing, CHECK OUT THIS LINK and pick the one which is the most appropriate for your Dell Vostro.

Asus Eee

Super Talent 32GB Mini 2PCI-E SATA2 SSD (MLC) for Asus Eee PC

Kingspec KingSpec MINI PCI-E SATA SSD 32GB Hard drive for Asus eee

Super Talent 64GB Mini 2PCI-E SATA2 Solid State Drive (MLC) for Asus Eee

Pci Express SSDs for desktop computer:
This SSDs are good those computers which has Pci Express slot. Those SSDs which use Pci Express

Anyway today do not exist MINI Pcie express ssds just with mSata connector so we suggest normal size pci express ssds in the below table.

If you have mSATA connector in your motherboard please do not choose this but check out the next section.

OCZ Technology RevoDrive Series 50 GB PCI-Express x4 Solid State Drive (SSD)

OCZ Technology RevoDrive 110 GB PCI Express 4 GB-s Slim Solid State Drive

OCZ Technology RevoDrive 230 GB PCI Express 4 GB-s Slim Solid State Drive

For Msata Connector:
If your computer (laptop or desktop computer) has mSATA connector you will be able to use these msata ssds:

Crucial M500 120GB / 240GB / 480GB – mSATA

Kingston Digital 120GB SSD

Intel 525 Series Solid State Drive 120GB

Or check out THIS link for other type and size of SSDs!

That’s why the manufacturers change the interface of the new SSDs to PCI Express slot.

Mini PCI-e SSD Vs. mSATA connector

If you are compare the Mini PCI-e SSDs and mSata SSDs based on their physical interfaces and sizes they are similar, that’s why Mini PCI Express card can fit in mSATA interface and vice versa.

However mSata SSDs are not supposed to be electronically compatible with MiniPCIe slots.

The expansion of Mini PCIe standard began in 2005, when the mSATA only exist just in a few mind. The old PCIe SSD-s which are manufactured before 2010 maybe not compatible with mSATA interfaces, because those Mini PCIe SSDs need a SATA controller port like normal SATA SSDs

Therefore, the old Mini PCIe SSDs need a SATA port in addition to the usual single PCI Express slot.

Unfortunately the slots on different products are not similar to each other.

Not all Mini PCI Express slot is able to receive mSATA SSD, just as there are some mSATA slots, which might not work with the Mini PCIe cards.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises the only thing you can do: carefully study before purchasing a product manual or contact the manufacturer.

The best scenario if your motherboard has mSATA connector, and you will pick an mSATA SSD Drive.

If you want to read more about this type of ssd visit this site.